About Safety Mecca

SAFETY Mecca is involved in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of protective clothing. Our range includes: rainwear, overalls, promotional clothing, safety footwear, SABS approved safety equipment, embroidery and screen printing to project a professional appearance to the industrial and corporate world.

The company has its roots in Saldanha with the awarding of the Saldanha Steel tender; and was started with the help of Riedoh Allen who applied the principles of Sport, gleaned through his interest in, support of and prowess on the rugby field, to help establish this fast-expanding business.

The high standards constantly applied ensures the supply of quality products much needed in the relevant industries. Dedication, Determination, Product Knowledge and Personal Attention ensure that customers throughout the Western Cape especially and also throughout the Republic, receive outstanding service.

SAFETY MECCA is a founder member of the A.I.G (Atlantis Industrial Group) of Atlantis, Cape Town Chamber of Commerce, NABCAT (National Black Contractors and Allied Traders), WECBOF (Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum), BON (Business Opportunities Network), West Coast Business Development Centre of Saldanha. SAFETY MECCA exercises social responsibilities through it's enthusiastic participation in and support of community projects.

SAFETY MECCA is a 100% Black Woman owned company with a Level1 B-BBEE SANAS rating.

SAFETY MECCA is a National Safety House reflecting the diverse demographics of SOUTH AFRICA, particularly that of the Western Cape, committed to providing excellent service and quality products at the most competitive prices to its customers and fully committed to the needs of Reconstruction and Development programs.